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The Craziest Party in Town! Bob Gurr, Krampus, and Meetup!

The Craziest Party in Town! Bob Gurr, Krampus, and Meetup!


PeeWee Herman’s Bike, The Pizza Planet Truck, A Legendary Disney Imagineer hired by Walt Disney Himself, The Krampus, an Imperial Stormtrooper, and one festive Chicken!

After a year of people asking to meetup, I contacted my friend Ernie Alonzo of Haunted Orange County and DisneyHistoryTrail and asked him to help me arrange a FREE event for all of my friends that watch this channel and members of the Facebook fan group http://facebook.com/thesometimesmob and Ernie delivered big time! My friend Bob Gurr, a true Legend in the world of entertainment (and one of the men who worked very closely with Walt Disney making his dreams a reality) came through for everyone, as well as a ton of other people!

We made free buttons and stickers, posters and fun pic opportunities, and a ton of people pitched in everything from labor and time to cookies and punch and even crazy banners to help make the event special

MOST importantly, we raised a chunk of money and a TON OF TOYS for the Orangewood Children’s Home so that we could make Christmas just a little bit better for some kids that have got the short end of the stick; I want to personally thank everyone who helped out with this event, showed up, even shared the posts about it so we could bring people out and help those kids out

The event was originally planned to be 3 hours long, but people showed up two hours early and the last ones left three and a half hours later than scheduled, but Bob and I stayed till the very end and spent as much time as we could with everyone who came, and we REALLY appreciate everyone who showed so much love and support – there were way too many special moments and crazy things to capture in a video but I hope that this at least shows a little bit of what so many people worked so hard to pull off.

Thank you all for watching! I’m very sore from so many hours of hugs and jumping around – You can see why we were so distracted lately! I’m gonna take a day to sleep and then we’ll be back for more adventures!! Thank you all! Here’s to WAY MORE ADVENTURES IN 2017!

Shirts! (Still time to arrive before Xmas!)

Help keep the show on the road

The MOB!

Take a Bus tour with BOB GURR! (Tell em Justin sent ya!)

Also, Ernie put the event on, if you have an event you need planned and decorated, something you really want to make special, contact him through that website and hire him – he rules!

That’s all folks xoxo