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5 Weird things in Epcot!

5 Weird things in Epcot!


EPCOT Center! 1982 saw the launch of the first non-“Magic Kingdom” theme park. Originally conceived as an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, EPCOT Center theme park became something else entirely, a magical place where Technology, Imagination, and World Cultures come to collide. Sounds pretty amazing, and it is, but it can also be pretty… WEIRD!

Have you ever said the words “ripe banana” so many times that it starts to sound weird? Well, when you’ve been to Disney parks as many times as I have there are certain things in the park that just start to pop out at you. So here are five weird things in EPCOT that, whether logical, practical, or nonsensical, just seem, unusual!

Should we do 5 things in another place? Have you ever seen anything else that’s just….weird…. in a theme park? Leave a comment down below!

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