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Tulare Sci Fi Con 2015 RANDOMLAND

Tulare Sci Fi Con 2015 RANDOMLAND


Join us for The sights, sounds, and some of the hilarity of the 2015 Tulare Sci Fi Con! Those of you who know where Tulare California is will be even more surprised than those who don’t to hear about this small agricultural town playing host to a small but fierce sci fi convention that not only gives the locals a chance to dress up in their cosplay best, meet some interesting figures from the entertainment industry, and hawk their deliciously nerdy wares, but the proceeds also benefit homeless and underprivileged children to boot!

Through Combat Radio, I was invited to attend the convention, so on a tank of gas and just under 3 hours of sleep, I showed up with the Utmost Studios gang in tow to see what I could see in Tulare!

See the DeLorean Time Machine, the Star Wars Car, George The Giant, Rico Ross, Batman… the list goes on. You know what? How about instead of typing any more about the show, we just watch the video? Roll Film! And stay tuned after those end credits for some more juiciness

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