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Disneyland’s abandoned Peoplemover and its story

Disneyland’s abandoned Peoplemover and its story


Disneyland. Guests from all over the world have seen the strange set of abandoned tracks winding their way through Tomorrowland. Many young guests and first visitors wonder what they were for, and many others have fond memories of the attraction that once traveled through nearly every ride in tomorrowland.

For just shy of 30 years the Disneyland Peoplemover ferried guests through the attractions of tomorrow. Everything from the original TWA Flight to the Moon to the Carousel of Progress to the modern attractions like Space Mountain and Star Tours was connected to the iconic Goodyear-sponsored attraction.

As rumors swirl surrounding the upcoming Disney Star Wars movies, one thing is for sure; Tomorrowland is slated for big changes in the years ahead. This time we take a look at the history behind the attraction that has left the most telling clues of it’s existence and the most extensive set of Abandoned tracks of any Disneyland attraction before or sense.

Of course, no history can be exhaustive in the few minutes we have, so for more information on the attraction visit one of the links below.

A HUGE thanks is owed to David Eppen at Gorillas Don’t Blog ( http://.gorillasdontblog.blogspot.com ) for the use of vintage photos from his vast collection, as well as Mike A for footage of the Walt Disney World version, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover.

Footage from “To The Fair” (1964) and other home movies from the Prelinger Archive are in the public domain, (Library of Congress Prelinger Archive) and are available at http://www.archive.org

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More info on the peoplemover:

And of course make sure to visit http://.gorillasdontblog.blogspot.com for more fantastic photos from all over Disneyland.

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